I am honored to be a teacher. Years of study in my two favorite subjects – painting and metaphysics – has resulted in a methodology that perfects the skills of the craft with the marriage of how to work one’s mind.

Simple, logical steps and repetition are the keys. How you learned to walk, talk or eat – the same principles apply to painting. It’s that natural and freeing.

The results are expressed in comments below.

“I am painting from dawn til late at night with my newly acquired tools- the exhilaration is incomparable. I’m going back into paintings that I sweated for weeks over, and finding that in some cases I can redo them with a lot more power using what I now know. I am grateful beyond words for what I have learned from you.”

“What I learned from you two weeks ago continues to fill me with hope and love of painting. I also continue to marvel at the warmth and generosity of your spirit.”

“I have painted for 11 hours today and can barely stop- there are so many new ideas to try and paintings to continue with that I am happily beside myself with delight. You have given me the keys to the kingdom! Your teaching is simply incredible- and in this workshop things started to more obviously gel. Such clarity! Lessons presented with our benefit in mind, and all your energy, including your demonstrations, geared to helping us inderstand. I’m grateful to have been in the presence of your extraordinary human kindness and your painting brilliance.”

“Watching you paint was incredibly helpful. Your deliberate beautiful application of paint, your attention to the brushstroke, the beauty of your posture , all is vibrant in memory. The work you created as you talked us through the experience of painting was divine.”

Fine art by Diane Rath 847-710-6701